Review of the Italian American Social Club, Las Vegas Baby!

The Italian American Social club on 2333 East Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada. Had us wondering but after some research, this is actually an elegant restaurant. I would say it has the perfect setting for romance and a great time!

We walked in at 5pm and the staff came together and slid us in. We are very lucky to have been seated as they were already booked out. I use the word lucky because we really enjoyed our meal.

Opened in 1960 this establishment well off the beaten path, has stood the test of time, because they make you feel like part of a big family and serve quality classics!

Us boys started out with a basket of crusty warm Italian bread and a crab tower. Jumbo lump crab layered with baby field greens, Roma tomatoes, avocado & sweet onions, served with a light vinaigrette. We enjoyed the fresh flavors dancing in our mouth and the bread yum!

Pleasing Plump quickly ordered the waiters recommendation, which was slow braised beef braciole. A high quality piece of meat rolled out thin, then stuffed with their homemade sausage, peppers, onions and cheese. The giant roll simmered for hours in their homemade red sauce then sliced and served over pasta. Melt in your mouth magnificence!

Plump ordered the spaghetti Carbonara! A classic preparation with pancetta, fresh egg yolk and lots of freshly grated parmigiano with cracked pepper. The pancetta was plentiful and the fresh garlic was present, true Italian flavors just an all around winner!

Both boys severed perfect Al dente pasta, translation it was not over cooked.

Portion size approved, belly rub approved, service was Stella, and 10 out of 10 on cleanliness!

Italian American Social club, we are happy to add you to our favorite menu item page!

Appetizers $8 to $16

Most Entrees $15 to $30

value score 7 out of 10 Gourmet Food is not cheap.

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