About Us

2 Big Boys

My first job was washing dishes at a golf resort, I was sixteen. On a sweltering summer day the Chef and his helper decided to quit. Suddenly this seventeen year old was promoted to head cook. They brought in chefs to teach me. What a great experience! I have held almost every position in a restaurant. I honestly can say, I would much rather be on the eating end of it all.

I am Plump and the individual I dine with is just Pleasingly Plump. He has a rich travel history and has been able to eat at the finest establishments.

2 big boys, started as two children. Brothers actually, just two kids from a very large family.  Our family has always taken the time to savor great food. With so many mouths to feed, not only great food was important but great food at a great value!

Us boys moved to Las Vegas and decided we had a problem. We had no idea where to go and enjoy a great meal at a great price. We have decided to share our opinions of the food establishments we visit. So if you should move here or come for a visit.  You will have this guide available to you. Please join us on our journey for the best food at the best value!