Giuseppe’s Bar and Grille Las Vegas, superstars?

Giuseppe’s Bar and Grille is located on 6065 S Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV, 89113. They do have a website and it is their phone number is (702) 896 7616

On this fine occasion us 2 Big Boys and our friends Big Cat and Bad Boy Leroy, decided to head out for some final 4, March Madness action. We wanted a relaxed, classy, fun spot with plenty of tasty drinks, televisions, great service and fantastic food.

We decided on Giuseppe’s because they are the superstars we look so hard for!

Indoors they have a bar with gaming and plenty of televisions, they also have a very nice dinning area. They have a private function area perfect for any gathering.  I (aka) Plump have been to several events here and Pleasingly Plump agrees each and every gathering was a hit! The booze flows and fine eats roll out of the kitchen. Fine caterers for any event!

Outside is my secret spot, the patio can be romantic by the fire pit or a great spot to hang with friends and watch the game. Giuseppe’s is one of our go to spots, they never let us down, they consistently deliver our needs for any occasion.

On this magical day, we all enjoyed fine drinks, such as nice cabernets, shots of Jamison, Crown Royal Apple and Ginger on the rocks and tasty ice cold beer!

We ordered anti pasta, Hungarian stuffed peppers, rustic pizza a rack of ribs to die for and meatballs. They serve the stuffed peppers with red sauce and garlic bread, they are stuffed with lovely sausage and cheese. The meatballs are served with garlic bread, red sauce and ricotta cheese. The garlic bread OMG!

The ant-pasta board was loaded with fresh cheeses, quality meats, lovely dressed arugula, artichoke hearts and was simply the bomb!

Those meatballs never got the picture they deserved, because we ate them as soon as they hit the table. the meatballs are tender and delicious, ricotta, red sauce, and the garlic bread, a nice touch.

The stuffed peppers  are consistently delicious, I order them every time, on this occasion, I got full but was craving their French onion soup!

The rustic pizza, is always solid and I thought, I was dreaming when the ribs came out, Melt in my mouth magic, a belly rub bonanza, a symphony of harmony on my taste buds!

I can safely speak for all of us today, Giuseppe’s delivered excellence!  Perfect service, delicious food in a classy, clean, fun atmosphere!

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