Hwaro Review, Las Vegas Beef lovers dream or nightmare?

Hwaro has gas grills installed at every table, the smoke disappears into a highly efficient exhaust system. This is all you can eat and we can eat. Plenty to choose from and us boys must have tried about half of the menu items, mostly Beef lol.

The service was prompt and friendly, we did have a slight lull during a shift change but over all 8 out of 10, Parking could be a challenge if you are not inventive.

Pleasingly Plump remembers Enoki beef, spicy pineapple beef, short ribs, beef tongue, most memorable was the Hwaro Premium steak.

Plump keys in on some pork belly, 3 different options available for example green tea smoked pork belly, yum!

Plump agrees, Premium steak, sliced rib eye called beef bulgogi, melted in my mouth omg! On the table was a gentle salad, picked dicon radishes, yum! Perfect Kim Chi ,pickles, mashed potato’s, Korean salad, tofu.

Our waitress brought us our first order, of course the beef and it sizzled on our private gas grill, in our grill was a small pot of melted garlic butter to slather on our beef. They provided us with tong’s to flip our meat and shears to cut it.

I enjoyed the modern feel and watching pleasingly plump cook! Every bite of everything seemed to melt in my mouth with joy. The sauce on the table delicious and the chop sticks could not move quick enough to pick up the pieces of juicy hot off the grill morsels into my anxiously awaiting, salivating mouth!

To end this lovely meal, we changed our pallet with Ice cream, Plump got the green tea ice cream, Pleasingly Plump ordered the vanilla ice cream with sweet coffee, topped with crunchy goodness. 2 thumbs up for both!

Us boys have been on the value hunt, and for 22 bucks Hwaro delivered big time! Thank You Hwaro for a belly rub bonanza! Just like the Boys Expect from a first class restaurant.  High quality Beef on the grill. Vegas Baby! Hwaro is on 5030 Spring Mountain Rd, Spring Valley, NV 89146

This is a must go, a beef lovers Dream! Hwaro’s nightmare, the boys can eat!

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