breakfast review of Egg Works in Summerlin Nevada/Las Vegas

Egg Works located on 2025 Village Center Cir, Las Vegas, NV 89134, otherwise know as Summerlin to the locals. They have a website and it is

This establishment has ample parking and us big boys had no problems locating it. On this occasion we met our friends Big cat and Bad Boy Leroy Brown for a Saturday morning breakfast and we would recommend going early, before the crowd hits. We arrived at 8am and it was already getting full.

I aka Plump, ordered the green Chile hash with 2 over easy eggs, marbled rye toast and a side of fruit, as you can see by our pictures the fruit was fresh and delicious. I found the over easy eggs cooked to perfection with no slime but plenty of runny yoke. The hash had a smoky chipotle flavor with green Chili, shredded pork and onions. It was delicious and the hash browns  had plenty of spicy seasoning. My coffee was tasty and that is important to me!

Big Cat ordered his go to, the Works Chili Omelet, it satisfies his spicy, meaty craving and he loves his side of salsa, He says “my omelet is spot on! I just love how they cook my eggs perfectly, not dried out or wet, Plenty of Chili and this side of salsa always makes me happy, The hash browns have a nice kick as well. I would say this is an easy belly rub approval heck, give it a double belly rub!”

Pleasingly Plump ordered the Spinach Benny and simply put he said ” it is a symphony in my mouth a belly rub bonanza, solid as they come! Oh my hollandaise is perfectly creamy and not broken, plenty of flavor here folks! ”

Big Boy Leroy Brown has boasted about Egg Works for awhile now, because they cook his sunny side up eggs to perfection! He usually gets and recommends the taco skillet, he adds chorizo and adds an extra sunny side up egg. He appreciates that they cook the albumen aka the egg white all the way thru, leaving almost no slime, he also says “the skillet breakfast brings me to my happy place. it’s a taste bud flavor explosion!

We found our service to be prompt and friendly, the food to be excellent across the board.  Egg Works is a winner and is easily in our top 5 places to eat breakfast at in Las Vegas.

Portion size approved!

Quality approved!

value approved!

cleanliness approved!

Belly rub approved!

Congratulations Egg Works! You have been placed on our quality and value pages and our friends are encouraged to join us here.

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