Padrino’s a meal that spoke to us?

Padrino’s Latin Bar & Grill is located at 2645 Saint Rose Parkway, unit 120, Henderson, NV, 89074. They do have a website and it is

Hey it is Plump here, If you look at my posts you would think we stopped eating, however if you follow us on Twitter @twobigboysblog or Instagram @2bigboysdotcom you would know it is far from the truth, sometimes it takes a meal like the one at Padrino’s to get my creative juices flowing.

My brother Pleasingly Plump  says “I thought everything was spectacular from beginning to end, the Queso Fundido is cheese and chorizo greatness, the fresh Salsa sampler with: amazing olive tapenade, fresh creamy guacamole and 4 delicious salsas, served with baguettes and fresh corn chips is delightful!  The star of the show was the Spain Paella, I am happy I picked the seafood combo, with Paella timing is everything, The chef added each of the five different seafoods at exactly the correct moment, so that each was cooked to perfection, the rice was a harmony of deep flavors that made me happy!”

I had everything Pleasingly Plump had, except at the last moment I added a Puerto Rican soup, The broth was so rich and flavorful, tender chunks of beef melted in my mouth, potato’s, carrots, corn on the cob, peppers, simply put heaven in a bowl. The olive tapenade was highly addictive and one of the deep red salsas had me going back again and again, cheese and chorizo yup can’t go wrong!

The Spain Paella as they called it, easily can feed 3! It is complex and time consuming, some how they brought me the most tender calamari and perfect shrimp in the same dish, this my friends is cooking with love!

The manager made a few trips to our table and she has a way of making us smile, our waitress was on time and a bus girl removed plates at important moments. This meal moved me, magical comfort delivered to my belly.

Due to the excellence of this meal we are adding Padrino’s to our quality page, please see the other qualifying establishments and enjoy them.

Thanks for reading and I promise more to come!