Review of Napoli Pizza, home of the giant 30 inch Pizza!

Napoli Pizza On 4760 West Sahara Ave #11 Las Vegas, NV 89102 has a huge 30-inch pizza, so how could 2 big boys resist?

We ordered the Ultimate meat lovers pizza, which has ground hamburger, sausage, pepperoni, ham, bacon, salami, pastrami, meatballs, Canadian Bacon and extra cheese.

We ordered and then took a seat, This establishment was very clean and the workers seemed very kind and caring. I was happy that they wiped down the table and my drinks came with a smile.

We got a small bonus as some chicken wings landed on our table, we thought a 30-inch pizza may come with those wings as a bonus but it was just a mistake, I took the cover off the cool ranch dressing and sampled it. It was tasty and we ended up getting the wings on the house.

The Buffalo wings had a perfect sauce, I may add, so it was a happy mistake by Napoli and appreciated by us boys who happily devoured the 4 wings.

We watched a bit of Television while waiting for our pizza, they had a few flat screens to pick from, now that I think about it. a nice addition for a pizza joint.

Anyways, outcomes this monster of a pizza and I was pleased by the look of the crust and generous toppings.

I actually thought the pizza was very good, I felt like the sauce had a nice flavor and the toppings where quality and plentiful!

My only complaint was towards the middle of the pizza it got a bit soggy and the crust could have had more of a crunch.

Pleasingly Plump says “all the toppings were high-quality ingredients, the crust was hand tossed, the crust could have used 10 more minutes but overall this pizza is very solid. ”

This is not a typical review as they do not make the value or quality board but they are belly rubbed approved!

We enjoyed the leftovers in the oven at home that extra 10 minutes really made us feel all warm and fuzzy. Crunchy goodness and melt in our mouths meat madness!

We do recommend Napoli Pizza and thank the most friendly staff for making us happy.

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