Review of Thai Room a find or keep driving? Belly Flop or Belly rub Bonanza?

Thai Room on 3355 East Tropicana Ave has a simple yet clean appearance. We decided to go here on our way to a different review but caught this place out of the corner of my eye and we both love Thai food and decided to give it a whirl.

We sat down and found a very friendly and prompt wait staff, we looked at the menu and thought these are very good prices!

We decided on Crab Rangoon’s for our appetizer.

We decided on 3 dinner specials they are only $9.95 each, includes soup, salad, rice or fried rice, fried shrimp, egg roll, entrée, and beverage.

The Rangoon’s arrived hot and amazing! The wrapper was light, tender and crunchy! They obviously cooked them at the right temperature for the right amount of time. Hats off to you Thai Room.

Wow, we thought we would get small portions but nope! Portion size is 2 Big Boy approved!

We ordered Mongolian Beef, Thai basil shrimp, and Padthai.

The soup and salad both delicious, I loved the house dressing and thought the soup was perfect and homemade, not from a can.

Pleasingly Plump says “Simple green salad with tasty mustard ginger Thai dressing and the soup was a basic chicken vegetable with a very nice broth.”

I ate the Padthai and enjoyed the flavor and texture, just magnificent! I truly enjoyed the perfect fried rice, fried shrimp and egg roll.

Pleasingly Plump says “The Shrimp Thai Basil was delicious, nice and spicy the right level of heat. The rice was great! The fried shrimp and egg roll cooked perfectly! The dipping sauce was sweet and delightful a well-balanced complement to both the shrimp and egg roll.”

We shared the Mongolian beef and we give it 2 thumbs up!

We had so much fun with the waitress, she made our experience the best.

The Thai room definitely performs well in the kitchen!

Best service!

Belly rub Bonanza!

A must Go!

Congrats you have made both our quality and value boards.

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