Ocha Cuisine Review, would we tell a friend to eat here? Or would we Tell a friend to stay clear?

Ocha Cuisine on 1201 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas has been open since 1989 and seems outdated with stained tile ceilings and just an old tired feeling in general.

We sat down and ordered fried pork wonton, soup, and 2 meals.

The price seemed reasonable and as the 2bigboys always hunt for the value spots, we hoped this would be another winner for our food loving family of followers.

Our pork wonton’s arrived dripping in grease Pleasing Plump held one up and we watched the grease just pour out or the fried wonton, dripping grossness!

The shrimp in my Pad Thai arrived overcooked and mushy! The soup was like dirty dishwater and I got more greasy and soggy wonton’s in my soup yuck! I don’t even remember the other dish we ordered because it was so bad we just wanted to go home.

Even the service was bad, we had to beg for condiments.

Usually, we are slow to write a harsh review like this but it must be done.

Friends, family anyone who is in Las Vegas please avoid Ocha, I did not feel very good after eating this food and Pleasingly Plump was as sad.

To put it nicely we ran out and then ran to the nearest restroom.

I guess we took one for the team, Glad we could help you avoid the disappointment we went thru.

Sorry Ocha Cuisine, we must put you on our 86 board. We may have caught you on a bad day and everyone deserves a second chance! we will be back to see if any improvements have been made from A to Z but we are not in any big rush!

Not Belly Rub approved!

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