Review of Giordano’s Pizza, Do the 2bigboys cry over this pie?

Giordano’s on 3619 Las Vegas Boulevard South,  right on the Strip is in the heart of all the action! almost never goes to the strip, as we look for value spots off the beaten path. What was it that made us decide to venture into such madness?

Chicago deep dish in Las Vegas, is this possible? Could it be any good?

We arrived to a very friendly hostess, who made us smile immediately, see the picture above with her hand up in the air.

We gladly followed her to our table for two.

Our waiter came quickly and brought our drinks and asked us what we would like to order.

We ordered the large 18 inch pizza with spinach, mushrooms and chicken sausage.

We also decided on an Italian salad while waiting for this famous stuffed deep dish pizza, as we realized 40 minutes was going to torture us and we needed to put something in our grumbling belly’s.

We decided to venture out to the strip because we really had a craving for some deep dish pizza and heard this establishment had a winner.

We looked at our menu and did not mind the prices, we would consider it value on the strip!

The salad arrived and was full of fine Italian cold cuts and fresh greens and we happily destroyed this salad. We both enjoyed every bite actually!

We watched pizza being delivered all around us, we had fun watching the wait staff serve the first piece and enjoyed watching magnificent expert cheese pulls!

We waited with watering mouths and finally our monstrosity arrived, this giant, thick, heavy, beautiful beast, smothered in sauce and mushrooms called to me!

Our waiter who warned us we could never eat it all was most likely correct but we would have fun trying.

He stuck the spatula under the first piece and slowly lifted it out of heaven, we watched as the river of cheese slowly stretched from both sides, he needed to cut it off the edge of the plate as that cheese just seemed to keep stretching a county mile! What a site!

I took my fork and knife and placed my first bite into my mouth and it was love at first bite!

I never spoke a word to Pleasingly Plump we just sat speechless.

We had in our mouth quality, comfort and price and everything was nice!

We happily say Giordano’s is belly rubbed approved!

Service approved!

Cleanliness approved!

Value approved!

Giordano’s qualifies for both our value and quality boards and we can’t wait to eat here again!

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