Review of Dream Kabob

Dream Kabob on 230 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145 has a website and it is We kept seeing amazing food pics on Instagram from this restaurant and decided we needed to give this young establishment a try.

They are about 1 year old and when we walked in, the first thing I noticed was homemade flat bread getting thrown inside of a fire oven! They slap the dough on the side wall and then pull it out when it has the perfect brown char on top of the bubbles.

This establishment is very clean and the family made us feel very welcome. We anxiously sat down with our mouths already watering from watching the bread being cooked.

We decided on the build your own platter, We picked some lamb, beef and chicken. We also ordered saffron rice. To start the show, we ordered some made fresh hummus, so we could get that baked bread!

Holy cow! Out came a beautiful hummus and that bread still warm to the touch. The moment of truth came and I aka Plump tore off a piece of my bread dunked it into the hummus and found it delicate, refined, subtle and delicious. The sesame tahini and garlic at perfect proportions, the smooth and creamy offering was a perfect start. Pleasing Plump my partner in discovering great food and my older brother said “I definitely would get it again! Starting with that delight I can’t wait for the Kabobs!”

Out came the saffron rice and Pleasingly Plump went wild! He said “light, fluffy, each individual grain is completely separated, a perfect accompaniment to the platters of perfectly cooked and seasoned Lamb Chops, Beef koobideh, Chicken Koobideh Kabobs, and Beef Barg.”

I found the the food amazing, melt in my mouth magic, I loved the Beef Barg and Koobideh, but everything was just fantastic! A belly rub bonanza, A must go again!

The Baklava was made in house, visually it looked ok, but in the mouth is was good.

We found the prices in line for quality!

We highly recommend all of our friends, and social media family give it a try, when you want a quality treat!

Belly rub approved!

service approved!

Portion size approved!

Cleanliness approved!

Congratulation’s Dream Kabob! We are glad to place you on our quality board!

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