Review of Thailicious #lasvegasvalley

Thailicious is located on 19 S Stephanie St Ste. 160, Henderson, NV 89012. They do have a website and it is 

We decided to give this place a try, because of the name alone. We arrived to a very friendly staff and got seated promptly. We ordered our drinks and took awhile looking over the menu.

We decided on some Golden tofu and spring rolls, for a fresh start. Oh I aka Plump found the Golden tofu crispy and the sweet and sour sauce a delight! I truly enjoyed the crushed peanuts on top!

Pleasingly Plumps said “my spring rolls are fresh, light and tasty! The peanut sauce is a home run!” 

I choose the green curry, it is simmered in coconut milk, bamboo shoots, zucchini, eggplant, red bell peppers and basil, for the protein I chose the beef. The perfect rice was a great accompaniment to this dish. The heat was perfect and I found myself addicted!

Pleasingly Plump ordered the Cod in Oriental sauce, a beautiful steamed Cod filet, in light soy sauce, ginger, bell pepper and green onion.

He said ” The fish is flakey and cooked perfectly! The broth is full of flavor, the ginger really is present in a nice way! “

We have thought about going back often and I am sure we most likely will. We really enjoyed the service and the food was indeed delicious!

Belly rub approved!

Cleanliness approved!

Service approved!

Congratulations Thailicious, you have made our quality board! A must go! 

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