Review of The Magic Noodle

The Magic Noodle on 5165 S Fort Apache Rd. # 165 Las Vegas, NV 89148 has a Face Book page and it is

We arrived to see a line and decided to put our name on the waiting list, we sat in our car till we heard our name being called. We waited around 30 minutes, so this better be good! We walk in to this small restaurant to see basic tables and chairs but to my happiness, I saw a worker hand pulling noodles, he was rolling and twisting and stretching them he really put on a show!

Our server arrived and brought us our usual, unsweetened ice tea. I aka Plump order brisket and pork belly Noodles with extra meat you can see the giant hunks above! I really was pleased with my tender noodles made on site, the sauce was rich and full of flavor, my meat was fork tender and every bite was a harmony on my pallet a beautiful orchestra in tune, playing my favorite song. If the song had a name it would be Magic in my mouth madness!

Pleasingly Plump ordered spicy pork Dumplings for our appetizer then for is main course Pork belly and Brisket Noodles, we both went with our servers recommendation. He said ” these dumpling are out of this world! The filling is tender and moist and the sauce is spectacularly spicy!. My Noodles have a perfect texture firm but tender, I find the brisket tender and tasty but the pork belly is the best I have ever had! The noodles resting in this beautiful sauce is a home run!”

Friends, family and food lovers, please find your way to The Magic Noodle. It is worth the wait and the trip from any distance, the hand pulled noodle show is so much fun to watch but the food is even better!

Truly the best quality and value your money can buy in Vegas, you will only be paying only around $10 for gourmet quality food!

Congratulations to The Magic Noodle, we are placing you on both our quality and value picks page! Thanks for a fantastic meal at a great price!

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