2bigboys.com strikes Gold inside Jerry’s Nugget!

Jerry’s Famous Coffee shop inside Jerry’s Nugget on 1821 Las Vegas Boulevard North is worth the trip! They make everything from scratch and it showed!

walking through the casino you can see signs boasting how many prime ribs they have sold, I can’t remember the number but it’s a big one.

Upon arrival, we had a short wait but our mouths started to water immediately as we admired the bakery showcase filled with beautiful desserts! We had not eaten yet but already could not wait for dessert.

The 2 Big Boys love beef, no doubt about it! Those signs got us thinking prime rib. We sat down to find a clean relaxed environment with prompt service.

I ordered a 20-ounce rib eye and picked clam chowder over the salad. Pleasingly Plump decided on the middle size lol 32-ounce prime rib and picked the salad over the soup.

Originally from New England, I was concerned that the chowder would suck but it was satisfactory and I really enjoyed each creamy bite, plenty of clams with no grit, simply said it was belly rub approved! Out came my rib eye and it was thick, tender and juicy! I savored every bite winner, winner! rib eye dinner! Creamy mashed potatoes and fresh veggies lip-smacking goodness I stuffed myself to the hilt! Wait, those desserts? Hell yes, I gotta do it!

Pleasingly Plumps salad arrived and he says “not your typical salad it was fresh crunchy and delicious and was larger than most. My huge prime rib melted in my mouth, so tender and juicy, a perfect medium-rare, the best I have eaten in Vegas.”

I ordered a piece of chocolate cake that was moist and delicious, rich and worthy of being uncomfortable for, my belly was so full. Pleasingly Plump ordered the chocolate covered eclair. He says: ” Overstuffed with Lucius filling and coated all the way around with an extra thick chocolate coating, so big I could only eat half of it.”

Jerry’s coffee shop is moderately priced and it was worth every penny!

Belly rub approved!

cleanliness approved!

service approved!

A must go!

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