A new year, a new resturaunt review! a18 all you can eat sushi, does Yama sushi and sushi neko stay on top?

A18 Baraoke, all you can eat sushi on 5115 Spring Mountain Road Las Vegas, 89146 is on the 2nd floor, inside a busy plaza in the food-rich China Town district. When it comes to all you can eat sushi, Yama Sushi and Sushi Neko have surpassed our expectations and just the thought of them get my mouth-watering. Will this establishment join them, take over the crown or be a belly flop?

We decided to make the steep climb up the stairs. Upon arriving at the top, I noticed my hands and they picked up lots of filth from the railing in the stairwell.. We entered and immediately washed our hands!

We found the staff friendly and the ambiance unique, overall clean and nice. We ordered 2 green ice teas and they hit the spot after the long climb lol. I was pleased with the spicy garlic edamame aka soybean pods, some of the best we have eaten in Las Vegas as they burst with flavor!

Gosh, hungry we tasted: spicy crab rolls, Lobster Garlic bread, pork belly, Kurobola sausage skewers, spicy scallop rolls, yum yum rolls, Unagi aka freshwater Eel, seafood salad, superman, shrimp tempura, shrimp skewers, bacon and scallop skewers, egg rolls, Miso smoked salmon, deep-fried banana, mini honey toast, and green tea ice cream.

Pleasingly Plump says “My favorite part of the meal was the Lobster Garlic Bread a must-try! The pork belly that was good was really good but sometimes a letdown, I also found the seafood salad is like a pile of raw salmon, lacking in luster.”

I aka Plump found some disappointment among the things I ate. The shrimp and scallop skewer dry and tiny, overcooked!  The pork belly inconsistent, sometimes perfect with a beautiful char other times fatty and not cooked to perfection. I think this food was solid for the price of $25.95 but I would say Yama Sushi and Sushi Neko keep the crown and are still the kings of Sushi for us.

Overall we did not regret eating here, the desserts left our taste buds happy and we sure left full!

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