Review of The Sicilian Ristorante, says give it a try or Sicilian neck tie?

The Sicilian Ristorante on 3520 Tropicana Ave East, Las Vegas NV. is a place we originally went to with a craving for pizza, while eating our delicious and perfect misto platter and pizza, We watched the waiters cart out beautiful pasta, lamb racks, and other fine Italian fares, We ended up with order envy. We loved our pizza and Miso Platter but we knew we had to eat some of the dishes that we saw passing by us on that cart, so we planned a second visit at that moment.

Us Big Boys could not wait to come back and we sure did! We find The Sicilian Ristorante to have a welcoming atmosphere as the staff goes the extra mile to make each customer feel like they are a guest in a Sicilian home.

We sat down and immediately received our drinks and warm bread with butter, the glasses stayed full and that made me very happy as I was parched and must have drunk 5 or 6 glasses of raspberry tea.

I asked the waiter to surprise me with his favorite pasta dish and he delivered Fusilli a la Mimma, chicken, spinach, mushrooms, creamy tomato sauce. over Fusilli.ePleasingly Plump ordered Veal Francese, perfect;y pounded fresh veal, dipped in egg, sautéed in white wine, lemon, shallots garlic, and added a beautiful dinner salad for only an extra $5, our guest ordered the Angel Hair Pomodoro, basil, garlic, and fresh tomatoes.

I was happy with my warm bread and butter, it always brings me to a happy place. My pasta dish was simply amazing, pasta cooked perfectly, juicy chicken and that creamy sauce was magic in my mouth, my guest had a sample and ended up stealing it from me but I am a softy after all. Our guests Pasta cooked to perfection el dante. The Pomodoro’s simplicity was magic, just delicious! Simple fresh ingredients cooked to perfection.Pleasingly Plump was the envy of the table he says “My dinner salad was a pleasant surprise, the house dressing just Amazing!

The Veal Francese perfectly pounded thin, top quality white veal, fork cut tender and was the star of the show, the white wine sauce that it sat in was a lemony delight!

We highly recommend The Sicilian Ristorante! for good Italian fare at a reasonable price. The price ranges from $15 to $20 on pasta dishes, Italian specialties range $20 to $30.

Belly rub approved!

Service approved!

Cleanliness approved!

a must go!

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