Sicili’s Pizza, perfect hand tossed crust!

Hey pizza lovers, perfect hand tossed crust was found at Sicili’s Pizza on 529 East Twain Street in lovely Las Vegas. This part of the city is considered rough by the locals, however 2bigboys had no issues and found great value.

We ordered a large 18 inch supreme and a large steak and cheese with the works. The seating is not plentiful but we ate at one of the few tables in the joint and would not hesitate to have this fantastic pizza delivered.

No question this was the hottest pizza we have ever eaten it was like molten lava! Bubbly goodness. The steak and cheese sub was equally steaming hot and delicious. Both items loaded to the hilt, no scrimping here! We usually get extra cheese and we are glad we didn’t as it was perfect!

A patron inside was raving about the lasagna and chicken wings but we couldn’t finish what we had, in fact we had to give some away.

Congrats to you Sicili’s! we are happy to put you on our value board and can’t wait to eat here again!

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