Just something about an old fashioned diner, 2bigboys.com review of Vickie’s Diner in Vegas, a must read!

1700 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Us boys set out on a planned trip for a restaurant review at a different establishment but do to construction took a detour and discovered plenty of parking at Vickie’s diner. The diner is hard to see actually and sometimes things happen for a reason.

Us boys pride ourselves in delivering value eats and Vickie’s diner fits the bill. From the outside we had our apprehensions because the area is a bit run down and the building is very large, it appeared this diner was in a supermarket?

Well, we bravely decided the only way to find out was to open the door and see if we liked the look of the place. With a big smile Pleasingly Plump says o it is nice, the floors are spic and span.

Plump peeks in and says yup o.k. it brings back memories of Grandpa or in French Grand-père and milk shakes. We thought the pink booths and pink seats at the old-fashioned counter actually had enough space to sit without the old bellies getting in the way and we were correct.

Our waitress came over promptly and delivered our drinks. I asked what she recommended and she said she was having the fish and chips for dinner so I went with it, shockingly because being from a city famous for fresh fish I am usually let down in the desert.

Pleasingly Plump ordered a lb. bacon cheese burger with fries. Omg! the fries, best fries in Vegas we both agreed! Pleasingly Plump took a big bite of his Paul Bunyan burger for only $10.49 and took another bite because he said it’s cooked perfectly, nice crust on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside, a perfect medium. the way he ordered it. Did we mention the fries are great?

Plump dove into a bowl of extra thick home-made clam chowder that is included in the fish and chips special for only $9.95. I overlooked some small imperfections as the fresh ingredients won me over. The fish and chips made on site although not perfect because of slight over cooking won me over as the coating on the fish was perfect. The fries too!

Clean, made with love, fresh real ingredients that could not be from a can. This is our kind of food, our kind of price and our kind of place. Breakfast can be ordered at anytime and most items are less than $10.

Belly rub approved!

value approved!

cleanliness approved!

Congratulation’s Vickie’s diner! your added to our value page and we can’t wait to taste you again!

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