Review of the Big Wong in Las vegas, a must see!

The Big Wong is on 5040 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. This is in the China town district. This establishment opened in 2012 and is located in the same parking lot as another favorite of the 2bigboys, Wharo Korean BBQ. No wonder it is so hard to find a parking space, lol. I would dare to say it is worth being creative or just wait for a spot.

Hidden Gems in a big city, we have a feeling that the other restaurants here will be getting a visit also.

Value, value, value! This place is great! Fantastic! Our dream that came true!

Salt and pepper chicken wings are light and crispy on the outside yet moist and juicy on the inside with a Jalapeño kick.

The fried shrimp wonton’s hands down no question the best either of us have ever eaten! Light, crispy and stuffed and I do mean stuffed with shrimp, accompanied with  house-made sweet dipping sauce.

Beef noodle bowl with shrimp wonton’s Melt in your mouth giant hunks of beef, noodles, shrimp wonton’s in a perfectly rich beef broth that is to die for mmmm so good.

Curry beef and rice, more melt in your mouth giant hunks of beef, smothered in a perfectly seasoned thick curry sauce, served with a generous portion of rice.

We could eat here every week and never grow tired of it. The star of the day however so hard to pick one, was the shrimp wonton’s. Already full we had to order another.

A must go value stop! price around $6 a plate crazy good! soda can $1

Belly rub bonanza! Value list approved! quality pick approved!

Congrats Big Wong you have made both approval boards

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