Review of Mint Indian Bistro in Las Vegas, Mint or not?

Us boys visited the Mint Indian Bistro on 730 East Flamingo Road, Las Vegas. They have an Inferno curry challenge with lamb for only 20 bucks, if you eat the fire and finish you leave with a picture on the wall and a $50 gift card, I wanted to taste my food so we skipped on it.

We decided on the chefs tasting dinner for Two,

We thought the food was delicious however the Naan seemed a bit dry for Plumps liking and the portions well I had to order an extra naan and lamb dish just to get satisfied. We paid $73 and left feeling blue.
Very clean, very nice, great service, great food, just not enough food to fill 2bigboys.
Value score 5 out of 10, belly rubs 7 out of 10 You won’t be mad but you may leave and go to Jack in the box.
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