Review of Siam Square Thai Food. Siam amazed or Siam sad?


Siam Square on 611 Freemont Street, Las Vegas, NV, 89101 is direct;y across the street from the El Cortez Casino, just down the street from the Freemont Street Experience.

Pleasingly Plump and I decided to go out for some weekend action on the craps machine at the El Cortez. We gambled and gambled, lost track of time. We left in the morning after breakfast and our belly’s started to grumble. I looked at my cell phone it was 7 pm.

Starving, I walked out the door and saw Siam Square, I never noticed it before, so it must be new. We both love Thai food, so we grabbed a seat at the bar at the front window, we found it to be a perfect spot to people watch.

People watching on Freemont Street is fun by itself, You can bet you will be laughing or shaking your head at some of these outfits people wear to earn a few bucks. Just down the Street on the weekends catch a free concert or go zip lining down Freemont Street the best value tourist spot in Vegas.

Siam Square offers a wide range of pricing, we found value on the Monthly specials sheet menu. we ordered the Phad See-ew for $9.99 Wok rice noodles with your choice of chicken, pork, or beef with a side of rice.

We also ordered Green Curry Soup with green curry, coconut milk, Thai eggplant,  bell pepper, bamboo shoot, and Thai basil. and 2 cokes.

Well, I found the rice to be cooked perfectly and it was a great compliment to the soup which I drizzled right on top, I enjoyed the noodles and found the soup to be addicting. The portion size was 2bigboy approved and for me, My belly was happy!

Pleasingly Plump says “the Coconut Curry soup was perfectly seasoned, creamy and delicious, I would definitely order it again! The noodle dish was also good and I love Thai basil, the noodles were cooked to perfection and overall it was a winner!”

Cleanliness approved!


Value approved but you need to look hard.

Belly rub approved!

Congrats Siam Square you have made our value board, keep up the good work!

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