review of Metro Pizza, do they get off our 86 board?

Metro Pizza on 1395 East Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119 was originally on our 86 board of places not to go but this place on Tropicana delivered us big boys, Ice cold beer, warm crusty bread, and some really great pizza!

I thought the crust was thin and chewy just a delight!  I had plenty of topping and my pizza was very hot! I was pleased to get an ice-cold beer and my server was fantastic! This place is very clean.

Pleasingly Plump says “it was a good crispy chewy crust and plenty of quality toppings we had a large specialty pizza and a pitcher of beer for $42 bucks.”

We enjoy revisiting places we have approved and disapproved of because of fairness, sometimes they may have over-delivered or underperformed. I am pleased to take Metro Pizza off our 86 board.

Us Bigboys appreciate our readers and will keep searching for value food, please look at the value board page on our website to find places that deliver great food at a low-cost.

We did not find value at Metro Pizza but we did find a great Pizza, us boys never mind paying for good food and good it was!

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