Review of Metro Pizza inside Ellis Island Casino

Pizza is just an incredible food! When Plump was a small boy, he went to visit his oldest brother in New York. The oldest of the Plump clan of nine kids. He gets very lost and hungry!  Luckily he has a $20 bill and soon notices this fantastic smell oozing from Brooklyn Pizza shops. The boy Lost and afraid lets his hunger take over and he walks inside. Plump orders a grinder and they laugh at him and say this is New York son, we serve subs . Confused the boy says, how much is the really big slice of pizza? He has enough and gets served a huge thin crust slice, fully loaded with quality cheese and toppings He was in Heaven. I fell in love with pizza at that moment. I bet you love it too! O yes the boy finds his way to his brothers and is thankful for that yummy goodness.

The 2 Big Boys go out for an evening of fun in Las Vegas and get hungry. We decide on 4 slices of pizza and order them at Metro Pizza inside Ellis Island Casino. Plump very exited to see a New York thin crust orders 4 slices, two of them are for Pleasingly Plump.

Dreaming of my childhood memory, I am ready! I open my mouth and its Ice cold, I look at Pleasingly and yup the fridge for him Too. I wish I could tell you about dripping cheese and quality but just sadness. I guess Metro Pizza just keeps slices under a non working heat lamp   way to long.

I just have no way to describe our let down and Metro Pizza is now off the 2bigboys menu. We have put them on our 86 board above. We are in no rush to return. We believe in second chances! When will the 2 Big Boys strike next?

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