Review of Chuck Wagon inside The Longhorn Casino.

Plump,  decides to take a break and sip some coffee around 3am at the Chuck Wagon inside of The Longhorn Casino, Located at 5288 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV 89122.  Plump watches happily, as a crew dismantled every sitting booth to give them a good scrub down.  We give them a 10 out of 10 cheers for cleanliness. Us boys have eaten here several times and Pleasingly Plump often enjoys the Giant Ham Steak and Eggs with campfire spud’s and yummy rye toast for $4.99. Plump ordered a Cobb Salad for 12 bucks. Portion Size’s Huge! 

Pleasingly Plump says the eggs were perfectly cooked over easy, camp fire spud’s nice and crispy as ordered. The rye toast was fresh and the ham steak size was giant indeed.  Plump say’s his Cobb Salad was fresh and sure was tasty!

The service was spot on, no empty coffee mugs here! The Chuck Wagon is not gourmet but  will have the big boys business anytime they are looking to fill their belly’s but not empty their wallets.

Over all belly rubs 7

Value score 9