Review of Herb and Rye, did we get shoe leather or a dream steak?

Herb and Rye on 2713 West Sahara Ave, Las Vegas. We heard a lot of good things about the happy hour steak specials between 5 pm and 8 pm or 12 am to 3 am The steaks are half price!

We entered a very dark and romantic atmosphere on Friday at 5 pm and we got seated quickly. They brought our drinks in a jiffy and then we followed the waiter’s recommendation.

We both ordered the 20oz ribeye, normally $60 but it was only $30 during happy hour. Those came with one side each so Pleasing Plump ordered the garlic mashed potatoes and I ordered the truffle mac and cheese.

Being hot and thirsty, before my glass was even empty, they refilled both of our glasses and brought a basket of toasted bread.

The waiter arrived with our steaks and both sides. We divided the sides equally so we could each try both.  The waiter was on the ball because he refilled my glass again and asked if we needed anything else.

I must admit, I felt happy inside after tasting the truffle mac and cheese and Garlic mashed potatoes. Pleasing Plump said, “The Truffle mac and cheese was sinful and the taters spot on.”

The moment of truth finally came, what I have been dreaming about came true, simple magnificence! The steak was incredible, even the fat melted in my mouth with such a clean flavor!

The steak was charred on the outside to a seasoned crusty perfection and the inside was juicy, melt in your mouth tender, spot on medium rare!

I heard Pleasingly Plump make an mmm oh and I did not have to ask if it was perfect, he was busy digging in. Each bite better then the last, my belly pleased to its core! My taste buds screaming thank you and the last bite went down.

The waiter again with perfect timing checked if we wanted more beef or if we would like dessert.

Could it get better? Damn right it can, Pleasingly Plump ordered the creme brulee an I ordered a warm half-baked chocolate chip skillet sundae.

We again divided them into halves so we could sample both and Pleasingly Plump said: “brother, this is the best creme brulee I have ever had, and I have eaten many!”

I said, “look at this huge cookie.” They baked and served it in a cast iron skillet, the vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce started melting from the very warm cookie, I wasted no time and then I made that famous noise mmmm oh my God, I can’t share this!

Crispy on the outside and gooey chocolate goodness on the inside, dare I say Orgasmic!

I did share, and boy, I was feeling stuffed but still managed to savor the perfect creme brulee, my brother was correct it was amazing!

Bar none the best experience we have had here in Las Vegas, a seamless transition from entry to exit and I am still feeling like I went to heaven!

A belly rub Bonanza!

A magical culinary journey!


Congrats Herb and Rye you have made our Quality board!

Herb and Rye is a must visit with that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with or any steak lover in need of satisfaction.

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