2bigboys review of Antojitos Sinaloa, Mexican food, are they a winner or sinner?

Antojitos Sinaloa on 2000 East Charleston, Las Vegas. has a lovely clean upscale look with a value price. They toss around the word home-made and deliver just that!

Hand crushed and perfect corn Gorditas stuffed with tasty goodness, home-made chips, and salsa, burritos and sandwiches, the star of the day was the shrimp ceviche. Authentic Mexican!

I decided to eat the bistec ranchero(beef sirloin) Gorditas and Pleasingly Plump ate the Lonches Birria (pork) Sandwich, we shared the Tostada de ceviche de camaron (shrimp ceviche on a tostada) and carnitas (little meat) burritos and of course those yummy corn chips that come with the meal at no cost.

Pleasingly Plump says his sandwich was toasty goodness, the bread was grilled to a crunchy perfection, a great vehicle to absorb the tasty sauce, the pulled pork was seasoned perfectly, He wants to eat here again.

This is the kind of value us boys look for, quality food made to perfection with a price that won’t break the bank. We covered the table with food and got 2 horchatas (rice milk drink made with cinnamon, vanilla, and other Mexican spices)  for only $30 unbelievable.

The service was fantastic and if you need something, just push the call button on the wall and they come running!.

Even the bread they use for the sandwich is home-made and that is saying something!

belly rub approved!

service approved!

cleanliness approved!

Congrats Antojitos Sinaloa, You have made our value board!

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