Plumps value food passion.

I have always heard, find something you love to do, then it’s not work. I have sat in an office working 9 to 9 daily, I have asked myself is this life? Ever since childhood, food has been a special part of my life. I remember my Mom spending hours preparing french meat pies and to this day, I miss that taste. Moms meat pie can’t be reproduced, it was hers. My moms gift to the world.

Comfort, some of our best memories happen over a nice sit down meal. It gives us a chance to  relax and unwind. The opportunity to smell, see and taste. Comforted, when I eat something made with love, it brings me back to a place. Grand ma or in French Me mere. Her house smelled like apples and o boy, baking apples filled my nose with joy! She would pull them out of the oven and put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I loved to watch as the ice cream melted and of course tasting that fist bite!

Sharing gives me pleasure and giving, gives me even more pleasure! Finding value eats is way up on my list! I truly feel satisfaction when I am able to help others on a budget find a great meal, especially at a tourist destination like Las Vegas. Behind this vacation city are citizens of Las Vegas and I am now one of them.

Citizens and vacation goers, I look forward to sharing these moments. If just one of these posts help a food lover eat a fantastic meal at a great value then all the blood sweat and tears involved with building this site will be worth it, because I love doing it.

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