Evel Pie Review, does a young Pizza shop live up to a legend?


Motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel poised on his Harley-Davidson. (Photo by Ralph Crane//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)


Evel Pie opened on December 16th in 2016 at 508 Fremont Street. Las Vegas, Nevada. This young Pizza shops atmosphere is fun, I must admit I enjoyed looking at the Evel Knievel memorabilia. The pin ball machine is a nice touch and the bike hanging from the ceiling brought me back to the days when I watched this dare-devil, do amazing jumps on his motorcycle!

A worker told me Branden Powers is the Owner and that Kelly Knievel (Evel’s son) plays a role in the business. So, I did enjoy the look of this Pizza shop and the old-fashioned Rock and Roll that belts out from the speakers just seemed a good fit.

They call out from a bull horn, when your order is up.  Fremont Street is wild and I understood the need. We decided to soak it all in and sit down to a specialty, 20 inch pie. 8 slices. We ordered the Balls to the Wall pizza which has Evels tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Fontina, caramelized onion,Ricotta,house made meatballs.

Available toppings on whole pies are: pepperoni,Italian Sausage,Bacon,Ham,Pineapple,mushrooms,roasted red peppers,black olives,fresh garlic,caramelized onions,red onion,peppadew peppers,jalapeño,pepperoncini,ricotta cheese

Specialty toppings : man candy bacon,BBQ pulled pork,rattle snake sausage,homemade meatballs.

Evel Pie took the 2nd place award at the International Pizza Expo 2017!

Vegan and Gluten free options are available. also salad, wings, Zeppole, grandma’s balls and cal-zones.

Plump remembers a visit to New York when he looks at this giant Pie smothered in goodness, dripping cheese,thin crust cooked to perfection!  Pleasingly plump says the crust was light and airy with a nice chew, delightful flavor, just the way a New York style thin crust is meant to be!

This is gourmet pizza but the toppings were plentiful and the giant slices would bend over because of the weight of the 3 different cheeses!  gooey goodness !

We are looking forward to returning to try the rattle snake sausage, The craving for pizza is finally met, us boys left very satisfied!

Value option a slice and a beer for $6 bucks in the heart of all the action on Fremont street, what a great combination!

over all value score 7.5 out of 10

cleanliness 7 out of 10

belly rubs 9 out of 10

Big Boy belly approved!

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