Did 2bigboys.com strike gold at silver sevens casino, all you can eat crab legs for $20

Silver Sevens Hotel and Casino on 4100 Paradise rd, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89169 offers all you can eat crab legs for only $20, this was on a Friday night.  We have heard mixed reviews about this buffet but we decided to take a chance on the crab legs.

We sat down and got offered drinks and soon set off on the line to get our crab legs, we soon discovered they offered both hot and cold and that made us happy as we both prefer hot legs with hot melted, clarified butter.

I would say that the crab legs definitely got a good cleaning as I found no grit and I don’t say that a lot. My only issue was sometimes it took to long to get my crab because the line was so long, they probably should have 2 hot crab leg stations.

Pleasingly Plump says “I had 3 huge plates of crab legs for $20 buck it’s a great value! I found my legs sweet and succulent and the butter nice and hot the way I want it!”

We went for crab but they also have dessert, salad bar, italian, and other options.

The legs tasted so good, we forgot about the rest of the buffet honestly, however Plump did manage a giant salad and some dessert.

I am not sure about this Buffet on a regular basis, but I would come here for the crabs on a Friday night!

2bigboys.com would say that they did strike gold at Silver Sevens and will be happy to eat that sweet crab again!

We are happy to put Friday night all you can eat crab legs at the Sevens on the value board!

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