Tomahawk Tuesday at Flemings Prime Steak House & Wine Bar in Las Vegas

Fleming’s on 8721 West Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada, 90117, is easy to find with plenty of parking. They do have a website and it is  

I aka Plump have been hearing my friend Big Cat talking about Tomahawk Tuesday at Fleming’s for months and eventually after hearing words like juicy, tasty, worth the money. I knew that Big Cat and I, had to go!

I expected to see a high end stuffy environment, as my friend enjoys the finest things in life, however I was pleased to see a high end but relaxed atmosphere, I felt at ease and welcomed.

We grabbed our position at the bar and the bar tender over heard me saying what I was going to drink and he brought it to me, without me even asking, a very nice touch! My Tiki Mule was a delicious start.

Big Cat ordered some Vodka on the rocks and the drinks and conversation flowed, I did take a look around and found this establishment very clean! I found a few fantastic wine closets and bumped into a few friendly ladies. this clean, upscale, relaxed spot seems to be a nice place to bring or find a date. I flirted with the gals for a bit and then realized I should get back to Big Cat.

We decided, we should switch to eat and drink mode, so we switched to a Nice Cabernet, that the bar tender recommended and it was a fantastic pick! We of course decided on the Tomahawk for 2 Tuesday, I decided on some French onion soup and crispy brussels and bacon, Big Cat ordered a wedge salad chopped, Mac and Cheese and some Mushrooms to top our steak.

The French onion soup was spot on and Big Cat said “my wedge salad is very fresh and delicious!”

The beautiful steak and sides arrived and it was eye candy, food porn! The Tomahawk steak was charred perfectly and I could see a perfect medium rare deep pink color, that I so adore! The brussels looks so crispy with plenty of bacon. Mac and cheese in a brick form, a cheesy masterpiece and a pan of mushrooms to slather over our steak!

I arranged my plate with some of each and this was one of the most enjoyable meals that I can think of.

Big Cat said ” Tomahawk for 2 Tuesday is unparalleled for a fine steak house at this price, My steak is charred perfectly, juicy and tended, the sides are a perfect accompaniment  and the service has been spot on!  Plenty of belly rubs to go around, it’s a belly rub bonanza!”

Congratulations Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, you have made it on our quality board!

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