Thick, savory, melt in your mouth, crispy Bacon, found @ Bacon Bar.

Bacon Bar on 3520 North Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, 89130 is exactly what the 2 Big Boys look for, value and quality food, in a clean, fun, atmosphere.

This Place has many beers to choose from and plenty of flat screens for us sports fans!

We ordered the star of the day, a bacon burger with hand-cut crispy fries, half beef, half bacon mix with strips of perfect bacon, lettuce, horseradish cheese, and caramelized onions. The roll was a perfect accompaniment.

Darn near the best burger I have ever tasted! Juicy melt in my mouth madness!

We also ordered a BLT that was amazing! Special cucumber sauce and that bacon and nice thick toasted bread set this BLT apart and above the average. I loved both but that burger OMG!

This is what I call bacon! Thick, crispy, smoky, just mmm.

The bacon wrapped onion rings are to die for! crisp on the outside and yummy moist onion cooked to perfection on the inside! The dill dipping dressing was creamy and delicious!

We ordered two signature bloody Mary’s, I got the vodka, he got the bourbon and I was a bit jealous as his had bacon bits and a slice of bacon, mine had olives and a slice of bacon, but both Mary’s thick and tasty, I enjoyed every sip and had fun dunking that heavenly bacon into my drink. So did Pleasingly Plump!

We wanted to try the candied bacon but we just did not have any space in our bellies left. The portion size was very large and Big Boy approved!

The service was pleasant and timely! Cleanliness approved!

Belly rub approved!

Quality and Value board approved!

This is one of the restaurants, we will visit more than once.

Bacon Bar has been open for 5 years now, and I believe they will stay in business for a very long time. They got featured on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue and for us, I am glad they did as this place made us and will continue to make 2 Big Boys very happy! Thank You Bar Rescue!

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