Review of Viet Noodle Bar, Vietnaw or Vietnum?

Viet Noodle Bar on 5288 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas is open almost 24 hours a day, 9 am to 6 am and after a fun night at the casino’s we decided to head to China Town to see what was open.

Having a guest with us, we went to a few places we already knew are winners, but they had already closed. So I drove around and found life.  This place was chock full with people, many who appeared Vietnamese, so we thought we may have stumbled into the right place and we were right! We sat down at the VIP table hoping it was for us lol.

We got served our drinks promptly, we opened the very reasonably priced menu and found a variety of food that would please anyone. (many vegetarian options!)

We decided on spring rolls, for our appetizer. These light fresh delicious rolls have vermicelli, shrimp, Thai basil, garlic and special love, wrapped in a thin rice paper. They are so refreshing and that peanut sauce was just incredible!

I decided on the fried crispy rice noodle with beef, served with vegetables and broth. I was concerned that my crispy noodles would not be crispy in that broth but to my surprise, these thick delicious noodles in a perfect sweet and spicy broth indeed, very crispy! They had my taste buds shouting with joy!

The vegetables, just how I like them not overcooked and flavorful! I would eat this again no question. Those crispy noodles will be in my memory forever, just delicious.

Pleasingly Plump ordered the large beef Pho, he says “the beef stock was rich with a depth of flavor, absolutely delicious! The beef was rare, tender melt in my mouth goodness. The pho was to die for.”

Our guest just kept saying “mmm yum thank you!” I guess her butterfly short ribs and steamed rice made her happy!

A late night extravaganza! quality, comfort and all at a great price! Vitnummm all the way a solid winner!

Congrats to the Viet Noodle bar, you have made our value board and we will be back asap!

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