Review of Tony Romas on Fremont Street inside The Fremont Casino.

Tony Roma’s on 200 Fremont Street is in the heart of all the action but did they give us value? We went in for the prime rib special for under $10, they offer this between 4pm and 6 pm. I got a salad for $5 and the salad did not get me excited.

The service was satisfactory, well this was hard to call because the prime rib was good. However we got served Promise spread and frozen mixed veggies, The baked potato was satisfactory. The horseradish was pungent and fresh, we enjoyed it on our Prime rib and baked potato.

I could see us eating the prime rib again for that price but would most likely not order anything else, as the menu looked a bit overpriced and the food we saw going to others looked just average.

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