Review of Off the Hook, fish and chips. Frozen factory or hand battered Alaskan cod.

Off the Hook, on 4155 South Buffalo Drive, Suite #105 Las Vegas has fish and chips for $3.99 between 2 pm and 5 pm daily. That seems like a good deal judging from what we ate, but It is unknown because they use pollock for that $3.99 special.

We decided on the Family Premium fish and chips for $29.99, which is enough to feed a normal size family of 4 or 2Bigboys. The Family special has 6 Cod loins, large fries, 6 hush puppies and a large cold slaw.

We found the fish batter is light and crispy and the fish is moist and tender. We both enjoy wild caught cod. Being from the Coast, honestly, we are a bit spoiled but this was the best fish we have found here so far, we generally avoid fish in the desert.

The fries we would say had a nice crispy outside and tender inside. Overall the fries are tasty. The hush puppies acceptable, We have eaten better but did not disappoint, That cold slaw rocked my world! creamy-crunchy, fresh, tangy and slightly sweet. perfect! We are big cold slaw fans and may be back just for a side of it and perhaps some fish!.

We decided on dessert, we ordered deep-fried Oreos and a key lime pie. The deep-fried Oreos did not do much for me, Pleasingly Plump said “it was normal” I just think it’s not something either of us likes. I thought they may have fried them in the same oil as they fry the fish in as I tasted a hint of fish. The Key Lime Pie was premade and not the freshest. We wish we had skipped dessert and we would have been pleased.

If you want a decent fish and chip at value pricing we say belly rub approved, that cold slaw yummy!

Sorry Off the Hook you Just fell shy of getting on our value and quality boards but you are only a few desserts away.

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