Review of Market Street cafe $9.99 Prime rib with salad bar and dessert incuded?

The Market Street Cafe, inside the California Casino on 12 Ogden Avenue near the Fremont Street Experience.

We arrived at the California Casino and took a left and walked to the back right of the Casino and found our restaurant.

This area is hot with excitement and this establishment is one of the best value spots. Prime Rib, all you can eat salad bar and dessert for only $9.99.

Anytime we find something like this we get concerned but it was solid! The Prime Rib melted in my mouth and the salad bar is fantastic! $9.99 Prime Rib dinner with a starch and veggies, salad bar, and dessert, really?

The horseradish sauce was creamy and delicious and I found myself using it on the baked potato and the Prime Rib. I also enjoyed dipping the meat into my au jus. (meat drippings from the Prime Rib)

The all you can eat salad bar has marinated tofu to die for! Cheese, greens, beets, and so much more, all fresh and delicious! Creamy macaroni salad was a standout!

Pleasingly Plump says his Prime Rib was cooked to perfection, it had a tasty crust exterior and was juicy and rare as ordered. He chose the baked potato but they also offer rice, mashed potatoes or fries.

He thought the salad bar was exceptional and he really loves the honey French Dressing, the marinated Tofu was also way up on his list.

We ate a lot and did not realize that a dessert was coming which was  incuded with the already very fair deal. Pleasantly shocked the waitress delivered two dishes of high-quality Vanilla Ice cream, exceptionally creamy, it was sitting on top of a very delicious strawberry sauce loaded with berries! Topped with whip cream and a cookie wafer that was delicate, light, flaky and a perfect ending to our already pleasant dinner!

The service was prompt and the drinks flowed and that’s saying something on a very busy Friday evening. Well kept and clean, the Market Street Cafe earns a spot on our value board!

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