Review of Kusina Ni Lorraine, was it a pleasant surprise on our little drive?

Kusina Ni Lorraine on 3507 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV, 89169 is an all you can eat Filipino restraint.

We wanted a change, something new, something different. We decided to skip research and take an old-fashioned ride, out of the corner of Pleasingly Plumps eye, he saw our favorite words. ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET.

Filipino food fit our cravings for something different so we entered to find a very clean shiny buffet, inside a Filipino market. There was ample seating and we thought it must be traditional Filipino food because we noticed many people from the Phillipines.To us that is always a good sign.

I felt very comfortable because this establishment was so clean!

We decided on the all you can eat buffet and found plenty to choose from.

I started with a soup with hunks of chicken, plenty of veggies and a nice rich broth, I found it delightful!

This buffet has plenty to pick from, Plenty of beef, chicken,fish, goat and pork. I found the coconut curry and the fried pork intestines so lovely, I kept going back for more!

This food was pure comfort to me, slow cooked, melt in my mouth magic! I honestly tried some of everything and never had one bad bite of food, for me Kusina ni Lorraine brought me to my happy place and I would highly recommend giving them a try.

Value all the way, it was only around $10 or $12

Pleasingly Plump says “don’t forget the goat, mouth-watering, fall apart tender, it was my favorite!”

Pleasingly Plump also enjoyed the coconut milk curry dish and could not find a bad bite in this whole buffet!

We found the staff helpful, polite and they kept the buffet stocked, the food is fresh and steaming hot!

I was happy to learn that there are four locations and we can’t wait to try them all!

Belly rub approved!

Cleanliness approved!

Service approved!

Congrats Kusina ni Lorraine, you will be put on our value board.

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