Resteraunt El Rey, delivers a Ray of sunshine, after 3 day of rain in the desert!

This Is a nice Mexican restaurant! It is not hard to find, as it’s tucked on the side of Target, in a plaza, near Flamingo and Maryland. The exact location is 3969 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV, 89119

Plump was told by a friend that Restaurant El Rey has food that rocks and Both Pleasingly Plump and I agree! We ordered from here twice and both times, We found our experience authentic.

Pleasingly Plump said, ” I could compare it, to any of the delicious meals I have eaten at any one of the many restaurants all over Mexico.” We found that this family-owned restaurant that has been open for 6 years, is worthy of our time.

We sat down, felt at home, and we enjoyed the relaxed ambiance, We had great service, our drinks did get delivered promptly and without question, let the magic begin! In a flash, a nice Ice cold Horchata arrived!  I sipped and my taste buds exploded.

First came one of the best plates of nachos we have ever eaten, We found them loaded with goodness: cheese, beef, jalapeño, sour cream, guacamole, and cilantro, on top of a mound of hand-ground Nacho chips, accompanied by fresh house-made salsa verde.

We both dove in to find a little piece of heaven each bite was full of delectable toppings served on top of the star of the show the home-made chips.

We also ordered a Mixta tortilla,  Which is ceviche with shrimp and octopus!  The shrimp and octopus were perfectly tender and tasty!  Served on a Tostada, It was light fresh and ready to perfection.

Nope, not done yet! Chili Poblanos, beans, and rice. Stuffed Chilli Peppers with cheese dipped in batter, and deep-fried. Then covered in a secret sauce. The translation is it’s delicious!


Portion size-approved!!

Service approved!

Belly rub approved!

trip worthy!

Congrats restaurant El Rey. you have made our value board!

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